Crucible Valley is at Hartley Vale

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and nurturing valleys in the Sydney region. We sit tucked underneath Mt Victoria in the Blue Mountains. The Valley is surrounded on all sides by bush-covered hills that give the Crucible Centre its name: a safe enclosure for your healing and transformation. Click here to see where we are on the map.

Crucible ValleySustainable life style: We have worked hard to create this old dream of ours. Our power is entirely solar, which means we have to be intelligent in the use of electricity. Our water comes from our own spring up the hill. The hot water and winter heating is either solar or from local fuel. The only outside sources are gas, telephone and internet.

Crucible orchardHome-grown food, We have set up a large orchard with 40 trees and a vegetable garden from which we are already providing most of the food for our workshops. They are enclosed under wire to keep the birds and kangaroos out. Melissa Bell supports us in this. The chucks free range in the orchard most afternoons. Hilary and our close friend Monique prepare the food from exciting and varied recipes.


Crucible sanctuary stairsBuildings: The house is where we live and where we eat together. There is a sandplay room and a session room in the house. Beyond it is the sanctuary and three work rooms with charming winding stairs leading to the fountain court between them. There is also accommodation for a dozen or more up the hill with showers and toilets, called The Lodge. For classy accommodation there is also the nearby Comet Inn, at normal commercial bed rates.


Crucible Valley The farm: Around us extends 260 acres with cattle, calves, kangaroos and all types of wildlife. Beyond that there is Crown Land covered in natural bush, some rain forests, some marshlands. There are four dams, one of which is close to the house for swimming and fire control.

The Library: We have a generous library of over 600 books on counselling, soul and the transpersonal. We value building up a historical background of therapy and the origins of Sandplay, and the gradual steps in which transpersonal psychology has developed over the past century and a half. You are welcome to read while you are here.

The Crucible Centre is the Home for Developing Compasion and Resilience.
Click here for a discussion on our holistic journey of resilience and compassion.

Accommodation and all meals are included in our price of $390 for two days.

Contact us on 6355 2223 or 043 1616 227 or by email.

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