How we plan each day at the Crucible Centre

Our unique way of working enables you to explore your own issues in a group setting. You may come here on your own, with a partner, a family or a group. Private group retreats can be arranged. The first day starts at 9.30am, and the last day finishes around 5pm. We have breaks for tea and meals that are as organic as we can buy or grow ourselves. These are the programs we offer.

The morning circle gathers in our beautiful and inspiring Sanctuary. Each day we open awareness through a deeply meditative chant Tibetan, Indian, Christian and others followed by a reading from a Rumi poem that naturally inspires our Souls.

Crucible sanctuary altar

We follow this with a sharing around the circle. This is a time of self-exploration when one at a time each person is listened to and and their hopes and dreams are supported.

Having listened and shared, we design the rest of the day in whatever way would best suit your needs at the moment, though Dynamic Facilitation, Sandplay and Voice Dialogue. We also use Breathwork and Family Statues to make the situation as clear as possible. Thus our work does not follow a rigid pattern, but adapts to changing reality.

The Crucible ValleyWe run our monthly workshops in a truly Soulful environment in the midst of nature. It it gives us all a profound sense of safety as the mountains encasing the Valley provide a natural sense of privacy. For more information on workshops.

The setting itself encourages deep self-exploration, within which our aim is to ensure that you remain safe, and that the healing qualities of the Crucible Valley hold you in the palm of its hand.

Your sense of security and ease and togetherness is increased by sleeping on our land. Being in the Lodge means that outside distractions can be kept away. We are here together for the Great Work, which is our Transformation. And with it will come the resilience we need to deal with the future.

organic food

A testimonial "Thank you Hilary and John for the way you allow such grace to flow through you to us. I honour each of you individually for your unique contribution to this vibrant Centre of healing and learning. As a team you are a powerhouse, a light for our souls, a river flowing bringing freshness and vitality, a gardener turning the clods into fertile soil."

We are creating a Fellowship of the Soul to foster self development, inner strength and true compassion so we may be part of this changing world in fullness and joy. Personal Development retreats at The Crucible Centre are designed for this.

Hilary and Monique prepare our soul food from the fresh organic produce of our garden where we have all types of vegetables and an orchard of 40 trees. Even in winter the fruit is ours as we bottle most of what we grow. This is where we describe the Crucible Valley.

Much of what we do is set out very clearly in John's
Notes to Transformation
. You can get a copy from us for $25 incl. postage.

Last night a great teacher
Went from door to door with a lamp,
He who is not to be found,
The perfect one, is the one I am looking for.
Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

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