The Crucible Centre

John and Hilary James have just moved to Brogo from the Blue Mountains
to continue the work of The Crucible Centre in the Sapphire Coast.

We support men and women, couples and children
to discover more about ourselves - a process that should always be a pleasure.

The issue may be serious or careless,
but exploring ourselves is important for an easy life,
and what we learn is always interesting, and often extremely funny.

We have been counsellors and therapists for more than 25 years.
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Getting to know ourselves is a happy and fascinating process.
A real pleasure awaits you.

We have found that the clearest way is through Active Sandplay.
It is both deep-reaching and creative fun to choose pieces and
arrange them in the sand to make the scene of your life.
Your unconscious opens like a flower and displays for your enjoyment
all you need to understand.
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Sandplay can support you to recognise the messages
from the unconscious in the most enjoyable way.
Change can be rapid, and permanent.

We work with men and women, with children and couples.

True wisdom can be gained only through the absence of analytic thinking.
Right actions can only be known by surrendering to the events taking place around you.
Simply by non-doing and through non-attachment one achieves all.

The Wu Wei Masters

"I have been seeing therapists for many years. If I put all of what I have learnt from them
in one basket it would not equal what I have learnt from you in one workshop."

A client’s testimonial

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12563 Princes Highway, Brogo

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