Vanishing Twin Syndrome (VTS)

What is a Vanishing Twin?

When twin embryos are conceived and during the early months of pregnancy one of the embryos dies, it is called a Vanishing Twin, or VTS. They have particular presenting symptoms and under these lie important beliefs.

We have worked extensively with vanishing twins and have had great successes in helping people deal with its impact on life in a truly positive way. You may contact us for more information, and to learn how we work to create Compassionate Resilience at the Crucible Centre.

Hilary herself is a VTS, as are many of our graduates who are now in private practice.

We use Sandplay, Voice Dialogue and various Facilitation techniques to being healing to your heart and soul. In particular we find that Family Statues are a particularly powerful and clear tool.

This sandplay exemplifies the typical consequences on the life of the survivor. She is a steady worker in her job, yet without much sense of achievement. She is constantly searching for a man, but cannot form intimate or lasting bonds. In the sand tray she marked a diagonal axis through an almond-shaped mandorla.

vanishing twinsThe pieces are a glass ball enclosing a skull on the axis of the mandorla closest to the spiritual quadrant (top-left) and a fossil lower-right close to the here-and-now quadrant. Between them she placed clasped hands. A little goanna leans on the fossil, which she described as “soft and uncertain, longing.” The cross points to the skull.

In the session she gradually regressed until she remembered that when she was two she had been told she had been a twin, but that the other had died well before her birth. She knew from her own memories as they surfaced that this had been a boy. She identified herself with the goanna and the fossil, helplessly trying to hold onto the departed brother. She felt she was herself a dead fossil without him.

One is usually taught that it is not until the infant is born that mind and feelings respond to the environment – that the 'unformed' mind is still a tabula rasa, an empty slate. We know from our decades in therapy that this is nonsense.

It is not realised that the foetus has feelings and its development is affected emotionally by events, and these events from the womb may be accessed in therapy. We have concluded that losing a twin is one of the most powerful events in early life. It takes place so early in the creation of the foetus that any response is set into the later physical and emotional development of the person.

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Presenting symptoms

As a therapist we note from hundreds of VTS clients that there are nearly always powerful psychological issues. The effect on the adult is usually subtle and less focussed than traumas from childhood, yet are tangible. There is almost always deep and hidden grief from the loss, and other changes are almost impossible to deal with in normal therapy. But once understood healing is possible through our tested modalities.

The most important symptom is that they never understand why feelings of loss should be constantly in their lives, and that nobody knows what drives them because there is no apparent cause. They therefore feel different from others and alone. The symptoms are contradictory, and typical of separation anxiety:

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Important beliefs

Vanishing Twins often carry extremely powerful beliefs about life. Typically:

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